the microsite framework
blaze is a php framework for microsites, landing pages and small to medium website projects.

Yet another php framework?

Like you probably do, we think that there are more than enough php frameworks around. A lot of them are great, but most of them weren't matching our needs. That's why we decided to rethink the process for smaller web projects.

In our everyday work as a webdesign agency, we do a lot of microsites, product sites and small websites like company or agency websites for all sorts of customers. All those projects have in common, that the widely used and really good frameworks (like Symfony or Laravel) and also most of the content management systems (like Ghost or Wordpress) are total overkill. We spent much time on implementing lots of functions that would rarely be used, loosing the focus on what matters when it comes to a microsite: creating a beautiful website with love for the details.

That's why we built blaze. It will make your life both easier and more enjoyable when building a product site, a landing page or any other small website.


We had a lot of thoughts to keep in mind when we created blaze. It should be dead simple to use, easy to install and upgrade and really useful. To give you an impression, here are some of the features which come with blaze.

Serverside optimization

blaze is highly trained to optimize a lot of configuration things like gzipping, correct MIME-types and proper cache headers.

Easy to use backend

You'll get a backend where you can fully control your website's behaviour including maintenance mode, public access, caching, and so on.

Full control

You have full control over blaze's behaviour. Sourcecode compression? Sourcecode beautification? Debug mode? Just one click away.

Asset compiler

blaze takes the pain out of asset compiling and minifying. CSS, JavaScript, Coffeescript, LESS, SASS (SCSS) compiled, put together, minified. Bam.

Database connector

Setup your database (MySQL or SQLite) in the backend, start working with it. The connector is super easy to use.

In-depth branding

blaze's backend is fully brandable with few clicks. Branding will even affect the error pages the framework serves.

Lots of tools

There are much more components to use. Perfectly optimized for small web projects and well documented like the whole framework.

Plugin architecture

blaze is super easy to extend. You can offer your customers backend options with very little effort. And reuse or sell your plugin, of course.

3 plugins included

There are 3 plugins that ship with blaze. Learn more about them below.

This is just a brief overview. There is a lot more to discover.

Read the documentation


blaze's plugin architecture allows you, to extend it's functionality very easily. It enables you to create backend pages which are available to you or your customers, you can bind functionality to events or cronjobs and of course you can reuse your plugins.

blaze comes with 3 plugins included. Click on the images to get more information.

Automatic updates for blaze

Many helper functions

Basic web statistics, fully branded

Automatic sitemap creation

Third party plugins

We do plan to offer more plugins which are partially already being developed. You delevoped a plugin a want to sell it? Do so! We encourage everyone to earn money by making plugins for blaze and we will list your plugin here, if it does match our quality requirements. Just send us an evaluation copy and a codecanyon link.


blaze is a product which is already in production use. It will constantly be improved and supported.

framework development

Planned features for v1.x

  • Bugfixes
  • Security fixes

Planned features for v2

  • Database dumps with a click
  • Update backend to UIKit 3

Test before you buy!

We don't want you to buy blaze and then find out that you are not able to run it on your server. That's why we do provide a testing script for you.

Just download via the button and upload the 'goblaze.php' script to your webspace. Then go to '' (where '' should of course be replaced with your domain name) and see what it tells you.

Download checking script

blaze was made in Cologne, Germany